Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer, A Review

a very handsome man (sexy man) holding an Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer up to his headEliza is sick today and we had to take her temperature. We busted out the old digital oral thermometer we use under her armpit and tried to use it. First of all, she hates getting her temp taken. It’s like the worst thing you can do to her, to hold a little plastic thing in her pit. Second, the battery was low on it and who ever has those little tiny batteries.

So I went over to Walmart (funny story, right before we wanted to take Eliza’s temperature, I was reading People Of Walmart (double funny story, they were there)) and I got this Exergen Temporal Thermometer. (TAT-2000C)

Let me tell you, this is such a great thing. I wish we had it sooner. I knew of their existence before today. It’s like what they use at the doctors and hospitals and whatnot. Plus they advertise on the radio. The thing is, is that when Eliza was little tiny, I asked the nurses in the NICU about getting one and they said they didn’t work too well on newborns and to just use the traditional type under her armpit. So we never got one.

Then tonight happened. I really wish we had the Exergen earlier. I have been taking so many temperatures with it. I’ve taken Henry’s temperature, Eliza’s temperature, Amanda’s temperature and my own. Why not when it’s so dang easy!!

So I like it is what I guess I’m trying to say. I, as a totally awesome well respected really cool dad blogger, highly¬†recommend¬†this product to you or anyone you might know who likes to take temperatures of people. That is all.


PS. Who is that handsome devil in the photo??

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  1. Amanda Gordon

    You're hot

    1. Lori Jenkins

      everyone get better and those not sick, stay better!

    2. Bradley Gordon

      Lori Jenkins, we're almost all better!

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