Family Time Slow Post


Howdy folks, it’s been hard to get my posts done early these days. Why last night I barely made the midnight cutoff. What’s up with that?

It’s okay though, I’m enjoying the time here with the whole family. Amanda is on maternity leave for a while and I’m on short term (unofficial) paternity leave. It’s good times.

You know what’s cool? What’s cool is when I’m driving around the Stay At Home Brad Family Wagon with my wife and two kids in it. It makes me feel pretty good, I tell you what. We’re living the dream, pretty much, and I like it.

Well then, it’s about that time when I cut short this already short post and bid you goodbye. I hope you have a really awesome night and a super spectacular day!

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  1. Amanda Gordon

    I love riding in your van it driving it on the rare occasions that you let me. We really do have a lot to be grateful for. I love you so much. I really like this picture. Henry looks a lot like me, I think.

    1. Bradley Gordon

      It's was cool riding all the way in back today.

  2. Carol Gordon

    Cool photo.

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