Hungry Hungry Henry

the classic marble game, Hungry Hungry Hippos, but it's Henry instead of a hippo


Look at little Henry, he’s so hungry! How hungry is he? So hungry they made a game about him being not only hungry, but hungry hungry. How many times am I gonna say hungry in this one blog post? Aren’t you hungry to find out!

Anyways folk, I got nothing else tonight. I was just playing around with the GIMP and had this great idea and had to share. Do you know that I had Photoshop about 7 years ago and I remember it being easier and more effective to use than GIMP is now. I wish it didn’t cost so dang much. Anybody have a spare copy of it just laying around collecting dust that you want to get rid of? I’ll take it off your hands for you.

Take care then. I will see you all tomorrow. You know the place but who knows the time. Goodbye!

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  1. Amanda Gordon

    He is hungry, hungry all the time, time. He wears himself out with all his hungries.

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    […] and she pats your soft soft hair. She’s even tried burping you, oh that one was so cute. You eat a lot too Henry. Last night I was up till 3 or 4 feeding you. You drank like a gallon of milk. I […]

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