I Need To Disqus Something With You

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I need to Disqus something with you. So as you may know, there is not too much commenting going on here. I would like more but I guess I’m not a good host who facilitates conversations. So I often will switch up the commenting method and it usually goes unnoticed. I’ve used several of them through the year+ I’ve been around, the latest being Comment Luv. That one is pretty cool because you can leave a link to posts on your blog (if you have one).

But I  have decided to try out Disqus. Many big time blogs/websites use it so it must be good, right? You can use one account to comment on any other blog that uses it and track your comments across sites. You also get to see the top commenters on the site you’re on. I’m winning here, BTW. Just try and beat me. Haha.

So this is just a little test post to see how it goes. I would like for anyone who reads this to leave a comment. It doesn’t matter what you say, just say something. Here’s a fill in the blank to get you started in case you can’t think of anything.

I think Stay At Home Brad is so cool because _________________

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  1. Wordslinger1919

    How many other blogs do your crosslink with?

    1. Stay At Home Brad

      Oh hey, I talked to you in real life so I’ll not repeat it here but thanks for commenting! I don’t know why it gave you such a crazy name!

  2. Ray Colon

    Hi Brad,

    I think that you’ll like Disqus. Many of the larger sites may be using it, but most of the smaller blogs that I’ve come across are not. My only reservation would be that it may prevent those who don’t have it and don’t wish to sign up from commenting. Other than that, you should be good to go. Enjoy.

    1. Stay At Home Brad

      Yeah, the signing up does likely keep some from commenting but I think you can just enter an email address and comment as a guest. It is still probably too much for some to go through for this site but oh well. Thanks for reading and commenting Ray, you always have good things to say.

  3. DadLogic

    I use Disqus on my site and am happy with it. I recommend that in the settings, you allow people to post guest comments. This will let readers share feedback without having to sign up for a Disqus account. You can turn on the moderating feature if you want to screen comments before they go live. On my site, I turned off the new Disqus feature that adds suggested posts to the bottom of the comments. I felt it cluttered up the site and I wasn’t keen on the option to syndicate content. Overall, I have found Disqus is a good commenting system and one that my readers seem to find easy to use.

    1. Stay At Home Brad

      Oh thanks for the heads up, I remember looking at the settings for guest comments but I guess I didn’t turn it on. I’m gonna try out the suggested posts thing for a while, it is a little hard to look at but maybe it’ll get more views?? Anyways, thanks for writing!

  4. Portland Dad

    interested to hear what you think after some time with this. i use Comment luv and haven’t really thought about which would be better

    1. brad

      I am satisfied with it so far. I really like how it has a comment notification in the WordPress toolbar in my dashboard. That’s where I’m replying to you from right now! I do like the leave a link back to your blog post on Comment Luv though. I’ll give it some more time and see how it goes.

  5. Canadian Dad

    I like disqus because it never spams my comments. I use the standard WP commenting system and I like that one too. I’m too scared to change it, haha.

  6. Stay At Home Brad

    I added the Facebook comment system to the blog. For now I'm keeping Disqus but I don't think for long. It is easier for people to comment with FB because they most likely are already signed up and in to it.

    1. Jared Smith

      Good call.

  7. Mike
    Twitter: houseflipmike

    Im with you Brad on disus, I hate em. We now do commentluv like it seems you do here. I also am not a fan of the FB commenting. The less they control the better but it does avoid the adding of the name, email and website, etc.
    I think youre on track personally with what you have, but none of the links are dofollow. For more incentive, its a good thing to add on comluv, thanks!

  8. Mike
    Twitter: houseflipmike

    Woops, added the wrong URL to the first comment. Sorry! thanks!
    Mike recently posted..Are Wholesalers Getting a Bad Rep?My Profile

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