Oh Henry, or: Where Does The Time Go?

One and a half year old girl kisses her newborn brother

Eliza loves her brother. You can tell by how she holds him and kisses him. Don’t worry she’s well supervised while holding him. And it’s not really holding him, he more just lays near her. But it’s pretty cute whatever you want to call it.

 They’re gonna be quite the pair in a couple years. So far it looks like Eliza is gonna be the funny one and Henry the straight man. He’s pretty young  (3 days old) so he hasn’t had time to develop his funny bone yet (he’s still funnier than the SNL opening monologue by Jennifer Lawrence), while Eliza has had 1 and a half years of living with some really funny parents.

Speaking of funny, you know what is? It’s how big Eliza seems to us now. It’s like she doubled in size the two days we spent at the hospital for Henry’s birth. She didn’t of course, it just seems like it since he’s so tiny.

Eliza was actually smaller, weight wise, when she was born, but I’ll be danged if I can even remember her being like that. I do remember that she was small, just not so small. It’s crazy. I’ve already forgotten things about her and her life. The time is flying by and sometimes I can’t catch it. I have my photos but apparently it’s not enough. I need to remember better. The old brain just isn’t what it used to be, I may need to visit a wizard. I hear that works.

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