Pretty Normal Activity – My Latest YouTube Masterpiece


When will my greatness get noticed? Probably not now, but someday I hope. It’s really unfortunate that a great creative mind like mine should languish away on the pages of a tiny blog and few-viewed YouTube account. But such is life.

I hope you enjoy this latest masterpiece I have created for all of you. It’s an homage to Paranormal Activity. It shows some goings on in my house that are not our of the ordinary at all. They are not hauntings or aliens. There is no need for¬†Ouija¬†Boards or exorcisms. It’s just Pretty Normal Activity. Enjoy!!!

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4 pings

  1. Jared Smith

    What a great video. Wish you could have put some audio effects into it. It would have made it that much stronger.

    1. Stay At Home Brad

      I'll make sure to do that in Pretty Normal Activity 2. Thanks!

  2. Amanda Gordon


    1. Stay At Home Brad

      Yeah it is.

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