Self Portraits By Eliza

6 self portraits taken by Eliza who is almost a year and a half old

These photos are all self portraits taken by Eliza. She’s pretty good wouldn’t you say? Yep, she’s following in her father’s footsteps and is well on her way to becoming a really great photographer. Well, as long as the camera is sitting on a table and is on pretty ok F-stops and shutter speeds. She can’t quite pick it up and aim it herself yet. But as soon as she can do that, I’ll let her take over the photography for this blog! Haha.

Alright then, that’s all you get for tonight. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow as I post the giveaway for the SOL REPUBLIC headphones. You definitely won’t want to miss that one. Come to think about it, you probably shouldn’t miss any posts from me, they’re all really awesome and worthy of your time. ¬†Ok, see ya later.

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  1. Portland Dad

    I came back to a phone full of self shots of my 4 year old. We gave him an old digital camera of ours for Christmas and it has been interesting seeing what he takes pictures of. I think he makes up stories after that fact so we don’t know what lead to the picture at the time

    1. brad

      Oh I bet you get some funny stories and pics out of that. Maybe he needs his own recurring post on your blog.

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