SOL REPUBLIC Headphone Giveaway Coming Up


Happy Friday to you all!! I hope you had a a great time over the holidays. Maybe Santa even brought you an Apple┬« – iPod touch┬« 32GB* MP3 Player or other music listening device for Christmas.

If this is the case, or even if the case is you just have an old MP3 player, you are sure to love what I have coming up for you on Monday.

You see, I’m going to be participating in my very first giveaway on this site. It’ll be for a pair of these SOL REPUBLIC headphones.

There’ll be more details Monday morning but suffice it to say that these are worth coming back to submit your entry for.

It’s going to be run with the help of the fine folks of Rafflecopter, who happen to be headquartered just north of me up in Boulder, and should be pretty cool.

One thing you could use your new headphones for is to watch my YouTube videos. Imagine how great I would sound through a pair of these SOL REPUBLIC headphones. (I would sound freakin’ awesome!!!)

Well, that is all for now. Remember, Monday there will be a contest entry form here on my site for you to fill out. I guess it’s not filling out so much as clicking a few buttons, it’s real easy. I’ll see you then (if not sooner).


a man listens to music through headphones and wears a hoodie and backpack


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  1. Stay At Home Brad

    I wish I could enter to win these. Maybe you’ll let me try them out when you win. LoL.

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