The Jamba Kids Menu Sounds Really Good

A one and a half year old girl enjoys her Jamba Juice

Just look at little Eliza enjoying her Jamba Juice. It comes in kid sized cups so they don’t get too much. But watch out or they might squeeze the cup too hard and make a big hole. I know this from experience.

We got this discount card for Christmas that is good for a buy 1 get one 50% off at all Colorado Jamba Juice locations. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Although I’m pretty sure I got a better deal at the Denver West location than I did at the Belmar one. 50% off means something different at each store, I guess. But it’s a nice savings either way.

Did you know that along with the kids cups, there is also a kids meal at Jamba Juice? I didn’t until today. Apparently it just started on January 1, which would be why I was unaware of the Jamba Kids menu before, not that we’re real frequent customers or anything.

There is a choice of 4 different smoothies and 2 different food items. You pick a smoothie, you pick a food, you drink, you eat. (I also noticed you could just get either the smoothie or just the food. FYI)

The smoothies are: Strawberries Gone Bananas, Blueberry Strawberry Blast Off, Berry Beet It and Poppin’ Peach Mango. They all sound really good, but I wonder how many kids pick the one with beets in it?

Also, it looks like these kids smoothies come in a plastic cup that they can’t squeeze and crush as easily as the¬†Styrofoam¬†one you see Eliza using in the pic. Oh, and the straw is a color changing straw, how cool is that? It’s ice cool.

For eats, you choose between a Pizza Swirl or a Cheesy Stuffed Pretzel. Now that is a tough choice to have to make. I guess I would choose the pretzel. No wait, the pizza swirl. Oh man, I can’t decide. Can I have both? Haha.

Well, we didn’t actually order any of the Jamba Kids menu items this time. Eliza had already eaten and all that and she’s not quite to the age where she orders off kids menus too often. But hopefully they keep this healthy(er) option around long enough for her to be able to enjoy it.

Or maybe I’ll just bring her along one day and order it for myself, you know, to make sure it’s ok for my baby to eat. They’ll never question me as long as I have Eliza with me. I’ll be like, “Yeah sure it’s for my daughter, I wasn’t planning on eating this myself. Oh what do you know, she’s not hungry after all. I totally shouldn’t waste this pizza swirl and peach mango smoothie.” And then I’ll eat it and it will be good.

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