Amazon Mom. Now With More Dad!?


Here’s a screen shot of an email I just received from Amazon.com. I’m an “Amazon Mom” so they send me emails sometimes. I don’t actually remember reading any of them so I don’t know if what was in this one is any different from before. But I would guess it is.

And what is in this one? Well its a dad holding his baby. A dad, in a program geared (in name at least) towards moms. Weird right?

I can’t help but think it has something to do with this movement, for lack of a better word, I’ve been witnessing lately in the dad bogging world. It’s a movement based on getting Amazon’s attention and getting them to change the name Amazon Moms to Amazon Family. I guess that’s what they call it in European Amazon, but it doesn’t work for them here in the USA for some reason.

It’s been a pretty big deal in this Dad Bloggers Facebook group I’m in, with them being dads and all. Also, there’s an online petition about it turns could sign (whatever good that’ll do). Also there’s some blog posts you could read about it, but they’re hard to find on my phone. I’ll maybe add links to them later when I get to the laptop.

Anyways, just thought it was interesting to see a dad right up top of the latest Amazon Mom email. Talk to to later!

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  1. Janine Fitzpatrick

    I like the fact that one of the blogger groups here in Australia is called the Digital Parents group, even though it's dominated by us mums it still leaves the door open for dads to be involved to. I don't know why Amazon couldn't go with Amazon Family.

  2. Brent Almond

    Watch out, Amazon Moms — some man is stealing your baby!

  3. Christian Toto

    Some companies are clearly taking notice of the issue. In the Amazon case, why couldn't they call it Amazon Parent? Seems like a no brainer. Anything that angers, annoys or otherwise upsets part of your audience is just foolish, especially when it doesn't have to be that way.

  4. Oren Miller

    That's interesting! I wonder if they're listening or if it's a coincidence… Still doesn't answer the question of why it's called Amazon Mom here and Amazon Family in the UK, though. And as far as I know, I'm the only one who wrote about it (so far): http://www.bloggerfather.com/2013/02/why-you-should-sign-amazon-mom-petition.html.

  5. Mike E Henderson

    Database marketing dude. They know everything about you. Why not Amazon Dads?

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