Bath Time For Henry

Brad gives Henry a bath while Eliza looks up at them.

Today Henry got his first real bath. He’s had some wash cloth baths but we hadn’t been able to give him a real bath so far. But his little (proportionate) weiner and belly button are both healed up and he got extra dirty today so it was time.

I got to do the honors this time, Amanda gave Eliza her first. They both got their first baths in this same little yellow tub. It’s hard to believe but Eliza fit even better than Henry did. He’s almost too big for it right now at almost 3 weeks old.

It was a great cleansing we did. Henry has never been cleaner since he’s been out in the world. Eliza thought it looked like fun and wanted a go at it, but she couldn’t and just gestured without result to her dad as he bathed her brother.

The end.


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