Eliza Sees Barack And Calls Out His Name

eliza says obama againRemember when Amanda was teaching Eliza to say Obama? Well all that hard work payed off today while we were catching up on missed episodes of The Daily Show. It was the episode from Wednesday, the day after the State of The Union, and Jon Stewart was showing clips from the speech.

Without any prompting, Eliza started saying Obama. She totally recognized him and knew his name. Isn’t that cute? It is. Well, I got out the ol’ cell phone camera and recorded it so we’ll have it always. Maybe it’ll go viral or something, it’s no Bronco Bamma but it’s pretty cool. So feel free to share it with everyone you know. See ya!


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  1. Carol Gordon

    I can't get the video to open. maybe you can get me lined out next time I see you.

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