Eliza Tries To Help

two pictures, top is infant holding bottle by her baby brother, captions ays she's going to help by feeding him his bottle.  second is close up of brother  with caption saying mierda.

This is what I imagine Henry says/thinks when Eliza is helping out with his feeding. She means well, but she just doesn’t have the hand eye coordination required for proper baby bottle feeding. She often will poke him in or near the eye before getting it in his mouth. Then she won’t leave it in once she gets it. She takes it right back out. She’ll probably get it pretty soon though, she practices about every time we feed him.

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  1. Amanda Gordon

    This is so funny…because its true. I'm pretty sure he is thinking something like that every time he sees her coming.

    1. Bradley Gordon

      Good thing he can't talk yet, huh?

  2. Carol Gordon

    They are so cute together.

  1. Henry Gets Some Milk | Stay At Home Brad

    […] held by someone else. It was HIS SISTER ELIZA! You may have read a little post from a few days ago about this same thing. There was a photo on that one, but now you have video proof of her helping. And a video is worth a […]

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