Goodbye Dr. Brown

no to dr brown, yes to ventaire
Since Henry was born we’ve been using the Dr. Brown bottles to feed him his milk and you know he just loves his milk. But, he has been having a little problem with spitting up his milk, sometimes simultaneously drinking and puking. Such talent he is blessed with! But he did it really often, like every time he ate.

The Doc Browns are supposed to reduce burping and whatnot with their little blue thing inside. They seemed to work pretty good for Eliza, as I recall. But Henry just didn’t take to them. So we decided to try something else.

The something else was the Ventaire by Playtex. It too is focused on burp reduction and we have a million (slight exaggeration) of them and the parts are easier to clean!! So why not try them out?

And let me tell you, Henry will just drink his milk with no problem now. We’ve only been using it on him for a couple days but I feel it’s safe to say that the Ventaire vents air better than the Dr. Brown for Henry. So we’ve put the Brown bottles away, we still use the nipples because they’re so lifelike and whatnot.

Oh yeah, here’s a fact that wasn’t known to me before Eliza was born. All the different bottle nipples fit each other. At least the several brands we’ve used. They’re all interchangeable. So if you find that you can get a better price on one brand nipple but you have another brand bottle, it’ll probably work. They don’t want you to do that though, I think I’ve seen on some bottles where it says, “Use only OUR BRAND nipples or your baby will explode.” Or something to that effect. It never happened though.

But anyways, with Henry we use the Ventaire and it makes him less burpy and pukey. Instead of spitting up/puking every time he eats, he barely ever does it. He seems happier about it and I know I am. I was concerned that something was wrong with him, medically. It turned out that what was wrong with him was just his bottle. Luckily Dr. Brad was there to say, “Ditch Dr. Brown and get ye some Ventaires, STAT!” And that’s the way it was.

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