Help Me Win A Canon 5D Mark III From BorrowLenses.com

a dad, brad, holding his baby boy, henry. text on the photo says this guy needs help and points to the dadBorrowLenses.com is having a drawing for a really cool camera that I could really use to further my aspiring photography career, the 5D Mark III. I have entered the contest and have virtually zero chance at winning (it’s still better than the lottery though!).

They also have other prizes they are giving away but you don’t automatically get entered into it. You have to refer 10 friends to qualify. This is where you come in, friend. You see, you just click this link and enter. Then I get credit for having referred you and I get entered to win some great bonus prizes like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, 500px or SmugMug memberships and a host of other great prizes.

It doesn’t cost you anything and it can get you a lot so please do it. Again, just go to http://bit.ly/WvMq1P and enter the contest. It’s really easy to do. Thank you.

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