Henry Gets Some Milk

baby boy henry lays on a boppy in a camo shirt and a bottle next to himCheck out this YouTube video of little Henry getting some milk. He usually loves the stuff, but this time I think he might not have been too keen on it. You see, most of the time his mom or dad holds the bottle for him. This works out real nice and he gets the milk no problem.

During this here video his bottle was being held by someone else. It was HIS SISTER ELIZA! You may have read a little post from a few days ago about this same thing. There was a photo on that one, but now you have video proof of her helping. And a video is worth a million words.

That’s all I have for you today. But you know I’ll be back tomorrow with something else awesome. Feel free to go check out my YouTube channel if it’s been a while since you’ve been. There are over 100 videos there and most of them are worth your time. You should also subscribe to the channel. You’ll never miss another Stay At Home Brad video again!

Ok, bye bye!

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