Henry Takes A Hearing Test

Henry hooked up to a hearing test machineAs you may or may not know, when we were still in the hospital Henry failed his hearing test in one ear. We had to get him re-tested because there was a good possibility that there was water in his ear or the test equipment was faulty or something. So today was the day we went back in.

hearing coneWe were a little bit concerned about it, not too much though. I mean there are way worse things that could happen than him being hard of hearing in one ear. He might just have to use one of them ear horns. Why did those go out of style anyways?

Well, we took our trip all the way over to University Hospital and got him all hooked up. And guess what? He passed! Hooray. Our little Henry can hear outta both ears. Great news!

I know that if he had a bad ear he would have used it to his advantage. He would have always had that ear pointed towards us when we were yellin’ at him or whatever. Then he’d be like, oh I didn’t hear you guys, sorry my ear doesn’t work. He’ll probably do that anyways, he just won’t have a bum ear as an excuse.

So we’re pretty glad about it and I thought I’d share it with all of y’all. Have a great day and a great tomorrow!

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  1. Carter Madson

    Wow… Sounds like you write about some pretty "loose" stuff. haha and I hope your son is ok, it's best to do hearing tests several times.


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