It’s Good To Be King, Better To Be Mayor

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Eliza loves FroYo from Zinga!

Hey, you know what? You’ll never guess what so don’t even try. I’ll just go ahead and tell you what. I happen to be the Foursquare Mayor of Zinga! Frozen Yogurt Shop in Belmar. This is quite an honor, let me tell you.

You know what’s cool about being mayor? I get 25% off my total bill. How sweet is that? It’s so sweet. We’re planning to go there tomorrow, weather permitting. If it’s all cold and snowy like it looks, we may not. I mean, who wants to eat frozen yogurt when it’s freezing outside? Amiright?

Well anyways, I just thought it was cool that a place offers a great perk like that for using a social media tool. I’ve gotten things like free or BOGO food for checking in, but I’ve never got a Mayor discount before. I think I’ve only seen like one other place that even does that. So I like it. If any of you are wanting to get some Fro Yo in Lakewood, CO at Belmar hit me up and we’ll go and pay 1/4 less than everyone else!! It’s good to be King Mayor!


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