No Zoo, A Fake Photo. Details At 11.

an igloo, my daughter and my wife. It's photoshopped.

This photo is an approximation of what the weather was like today here in Denver. You see, the picture seems to show Eliza and Amanda in a cold snowy mountanous region where they make igloos to camp out or live in. I don’t actually know where the igloo was made, it’s just a picture I found on Bing image search.

Eliza and Amanda were just cut and pasted in there. But it was from today when they were out playing in the snow. They both had a lot of fun. They made a little snowman and had a (one sided) snowball fight. Eliza did a couple face plants in the snow and it was generally a good time being had. I was inside taking pics from the patio since I had to watch Henry. He’s not ready to be hanging out in the cold just yet.

So there was fun going on, but we had other fun planned. We were going to attend the free day at the Denver Zoo (the last one till November) but it turned out to be the worst day for it. The snow and the cold and the ice all combined to take away our day at the zoo. I had even created an event on Facebook for it. And people were going to go! Oh man, what a bummer.

But, uh, we need the moisture so it’s good I guess. It has been a fairly non-snowy winter so far. We’re coming up on March though, which if I recall is our snowiest month. So we’ve got that to look forward to. (I don’t really look forward to it though.)

So yeah, that’s my story and there’s nothing you can do to make me change it. I’m gonna stick to it till the end. And this is the end.

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