Pledge Day 2 | Photo Of The Month Club

It’s The Gift That Keeps On Giving…


brad say, "whoa bro, you've got to check this out!"What a great deal I have for you guys. So you know it’s pledge drive time here at Stay At Home Brad. It’s just like PBS over here! Last time I was asking for a straight donation to support my cause. Well tonight I have something I think is really cool and you won’t want to miss out on.

You probably have picked up on the fact that I am a pretty good photographer, if you’ve spent any time at all here. I really enjoy making photos and sharing them with all y’all. And if I had my druthers, I’d make my living at it and travel all over the world practicing my craft.

Now that may or may not happen. But one thing is certain, you can get yourself some of my photographic art for yourself with this wonderful opportunity I’a new photo each month. it's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. m presenting.

I like to call it the Photograph of the Month Club. That’s because, when you subscribe to it, you get a new original photograph every month. This will be a unique, previously unpublished photograph printed out and mailed to you, either 8×10 or 4×6 sizes.

If you aren’t familiar with my work, please peruse this site and check some of it out. Almost every post has a photograph that I took and/or edited. You can take a look at my 500px portfolio to get an idea of my style (you can also purchase digital downloads there).

If that’s not enough to sway you, take a look at my under-utilized photography¬†business¬†page at bradmanda.com. Here you can find even more of my photos. But remember, when you join the Photo of the Month Club, none of the pics you receive will have ever been shown before so you won’t find them at either of those places. But if you happen to see one you really like I could make it available to you.


Annual Membership


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Thank for making it this far. I hope you’ll choose one of these amazing ways to lend support to the cause of Stay At Home Brad and his wonderful family. I think it’s a pretty fair deal you’re getting here, so we both win. Make sure to tell your friends and family about it as well. They will surely be interested in something like this.

If you have any further questions email me at brad@stayathomebrad.com and I’ll gladly answer them. Take care and stay happy!


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