At The Children’s Museum of Denver


Check out little Henry on the baby pond at the Children’s Museum of Denver. He’s just lounging around on a leaf. Eliza is also here, if you were wondering. She’s not the smallest kid here so she’s trying her hand at stealing toys and pushing people around. Not too much though, just a Lil bit.

Anyways, we became members of the museum, so we will be coming back often and I will send out reports on all the goings on here. It’s gonna be so fun.

We’re actually gonna be doing all sorts of cultural activities this summer. Last year we had the 5×5 card so we got to try all these things out for free. Now that Eliza is old enough to do the things, we’ll be doing them a plenty. I’m not gonna say there’ll be no TV this summer (I gots ta watch ma stories) but there’ll be way less than in the past. We are gonna be a family about town! Check ya later!

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  1. Christian Toto
    Twitter: daddylibrium.com

    We’re huge fans of the Denver Aquarium — great for cold weather and rainy days, and the boys never tire of it … we found the yearly membership worked out perfectly for us as well, but you must go often to appreciate it fully.
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