Faceless Self Portrait, or: Springtime’s A Comin’

Brad in a faceless self portrait. The laptop screen is covering his face.

Happy Saturday to you all. It’s snowing a bunch round here. One (hopefully)┬álast storm before spring arrives. I’m sure ready for it to warm up on a more consistent basis. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s been warm fairly often lately. Why just a few days ago we went to the zoo and didn’t wear jackets or nothing. I even got a little bit of sunburn on my face.

But nothing beats springtime here in the Rockies. It’s probably the best of the seasons we have here. Everything gets all green and full of life and there is hope that everything is gonna be alright. Birds chirp outside our window in the morning, singing us awake. The Colorado Rockies start their baseball season and they still have a chance of winning the division. Windows of cars are open spewing their loud rock and/or roll music for all to hear.

I would even go so far as to argue with Andy Williams that it is springtime, not Christmas that is in fact the most wonderful time of the year. I don’t have a catchy tune to sing about it, but please believe me it’s true.

Now I can’t go on and on about springtime a coming, you are here for another reason. That reason being the 9th entry in the #fmsphotoaday photo challenge. Today’s it is a faceless self portrait. Which is a lot harder to come up with than it sounds like, at least for me. What we have here is a picture of me using the laptop. The screen covers my face, thus making me faceless. Pretty clever eh? And it’s a way that I often am even when not posing for self portraits.

And that’s that. Have a great rest of your day today and an even better tomorrow. The next photo will be based on “I want…” It should be good, but then again they all are. So I’ll see you then!!

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