I Fear Opening A Can Of Biscuits

a 3 part series of a can of crescent rolls being opened. it scares me.

Opening a can of biscui or in this case crescent rolls, is always a scary proposition for me. I don’t know why, but the popping open of the can is something I just don’t like. It seems like lately they don’t pop as often as they used to. I remember back when I was your age biscuit cans would pop at the lightest touch. Now it only happens about once every four or five cans for me. It still scares me though.

This photo is number seven in the monthly photo challenge created by FatMumSlim and it’s pretty cool. Did you see the past six of them I’ve done? You should if not. Just check back to the past 6 posts and you can see them. Make sure to also come back tomorrow for more awesomeness. Bye everyone!

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  1. Alaina

    OMG!! im so with you on that one!!! i hate those things…

    1. brad

      Yeah, it’s the worst!

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