Photo Challenge 3.4 | Lucky | #FMSphotoaday

a fortune cookie on a menu from a chinese restaurant.

Hey there folks who are sticking around for this month of taking it easy with the posting. It’s today’s Photo Challenge picture. The topic is “Lucky” and what’s more lucky than a fortune cookie? Nothing that’s what.

Inside most of them are lucky numbers that if played long enough in any lottery, will be winners. And they often will give you a Chinese word you can learn! So you get to win lots of money, learn foreign languages and eat delicious cookie! LUCKY!!!!

I guess I should have eaten a few more of these lucky cookies last week during the shortened Stay At Home Brad Pledge Drive. I only did it for a couple of days but got close to 0 (zero) response, so I don’t think we missed out on too much there. The posts are still up if you are feeling like donating to our cause. We have “operators” standing by day and night.

So until tomorrow, when I’ll be back with a photo representing the topic”Under,” I bid you adieu. I hope you have a great day/night/afternoon and all your dreams come true because you’re so lucky. ByeBye.

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