We Probably Shouldn’t Be Eating This Kraft Mac And Cheese

Stay At Home Brad and his daughter Eliza enjoying some Kraft Macaroni And Cheese (with Yellow 5)


But it’s so dang good. We eat it up, Yellow 5, 6 and all, and we like it. In fact we like it so much it may just be our favorite food to make and eat together. Eliza has been eating it pretty much since she could eat food. I hope we didn’t ruin her with it. Maybe they’ll take it out like the petitions are asking them to do.

I remember back when I was in middle and/or high school a “few” years ago and rumor had it that Yellow #5 in Mountain Dew would shrink your two veg, if you were a dude. I don’t know if there were petitions trying to get Pepsi to take it out of the drink, or if it’s even still in there. But I guess the Yellow 5 has been coloring things for a while. Has it had any ill effects? I don’t know, I’m not a researching doctor. You’ll have to ask them.

All I know is this pic of Eliza and me eating Kraft Brand Macaroni And Cheese is my choice for the #fmsphotaday challenge for today, March 8 2013. We’re more than a quarter of the way through this thing and going strong.

It’s been pretty fun so far, I’ve done a lot more things than I would have had I not been participating in it. It’s kind of fun to come up with a new photo every day based on a predefined topic. I’m even thinking about starting my own photo challenge come April. Would any of you want to participate in it with me? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Amanda Gordon

    I would do the photo a day next month if you had a good list of topics.

    1. brad

      Well, I happen to have a list of topics. It was compiled by a great friend of mine. So I think you’re in luck!!

  2. Christian Toto
    Twitter: daddylibrium.com

    I recently made the mistake of introducing my four year old to Cap’n Crunch. It’s awful for you, but dang is it addictive. He ate bowl … after bowl … after bowl … the first time he tasted it, and I wished I could have matched him scoop for scoop.

    I won’t commit it to film/digital photo, though. My wife won’t be pleased!

    Oh, and my boys exist on Mac & Cheese, but we try to go the hippie/organic version whenever possible.
    Christian Toto recently posted..Lazy Legacy: Teaching My Boys About Elbow GreaseMy Profile

    1. brad

      I think the worst part of Cap’n Crunch is how it shreds the top of your mouth. At least that’s what I remember about it. It is delicious though. I keep seeing it in the cereal isle and am tempted by it. I think I’m gonna do it next time. Thanks for your comment Christian!

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