What’s In Your Wallet?

a drawer with some $1 bills. USD. American currency, greenback dollar bill

What’s In Your Wallet Drawer

For today’s #fmsphotoaday we took a look inside one of our drawers. This particular drawer has some cash money in it. This is money I save because saving money is good. It’ll be spent on real important things. Remember when I quit smoking on January 1, 2012? That has been a really huge money saver. I’m so glad I did that. The savings payed for our plane tickets out to Seattle last summer, Amanda’s breast pump and other things. It really does add up.

You know what we would also like to get adding up? Some sort of savings account for our two kids that actually will increase over time. We have savings accounts set up for them at our bank, but that earns so little interest that it’s basically zero. I just starting to look at the 529 College Savings Plan but I don’t know about it just yet. Like I said, I just started. If you have any opinion on that feel free to share it.

We also got a thing in the mail from Gerber Life Insurance Company for their “Grow-Up Plan,” which is a whole life insurance policy. I guess it seems like an ok thing but I’ve never met an insurance company that wasn’t out to screw you over every chance they get. That’s kind of their gig.

Well, we’ll do some looking over the next little bit and maybe you’ll help out with some suggestions of your own. Eliza’s almost 2 and it’s time to git’r’done. Good day!

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