How Much Did They Cost?

brother and sister in matching jammies laying on a tiny couchToday I went over to the child care center that’s right near our house just to check out the prices. I had been thinking a little bit about quitting my part-time night job and trying to find some sort of daytime employment, some professional type work that maybe could utilize the college degree I’ll be paying for the rest of my life. We could use the extra money for sure.

After talking with the director there, it’s probably safe to assume I’ll be sticking around here. Let me tell you why.

Why is because the price I was quoted was more than double our mortgage payment, $1600 for both kids. I’m pretty sure that if you ran 50,000 simulations of my life you wouldn’t run into 1 of them that included me getting a job that would pay enough to make it worthwhile for me to pursue this avenue. I mean, I’d have to make at least $1600 more than I make now just to pay for the daycare. And one of the main reasons I would do this is so we could have more money, so I’d have to make more than I do now on top of that.

Here’s a little breakdown of how much I would need to make to have me changing things up make financial sense.

What I make now ~$1500
Childcare –              $1600
More Money –          $1000

So I’d need to come home with $4100/month. I don’t know what that is pre-tax so we’ll just go with it as it is. That comes out to $49,212/year (after taxes.) I don’t know where I’d make that kind of money with what I have to offer. If you have been reading this blog and think I’m a pretty cool dude and want to pay me $70,000 a year to be your personal photographer, please get in touch. Haha.




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  1. Janine Fitzpatrick

    It’s just such a conundrum isn’t it? This is why I ended up at home for 10 years, working from home in a little part-time party plan business to pay for my kids to attend Montessori kindy a few days a week. We simply couldn’t afford full-time childcare and all the associated work costs. I hope you can figure out a way to make some kind of juggling work out for you. Just remember your life is a series of chapters, and this is just one chapter, it will get easier when the children go to school I promise. In the meantime, hang in there.
    Janine Fitzpatrick recently posted..ChocolateMy Profile

    1. brad

      Thanks for your comment Janine. It is quite the conundrum. I am learning to juggle now, but just you wait a few chapters and I’ll be a juggling master!! Take care!

  2. Oren
    Twitter: bloggerfather

    $1600 per month? That’s crazy. They better end the year with at least an Associate Degree.
    Oren recently posted..Top Five Free iPhone Apps A Dad Can’t Live WithoutMy Profile

    1. brad

      I know, we could have a pretty nice house for that kind of money. It’s insane!

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