Father’s Day Memories, $50 Amazon E-Gift Card Giveaway

image for a coupons.com sponsored amazon gift card giveawayYesterday was Memorial Day, a day in which we give thanks to those who served our country fighting dictators and tyrants in faraway lands. Soon though, we will be giving thanks to those who fight dictators and tyrants much closer to home. So close to home that they’re actually inside one, maybe even right as you’re reading this. I’m talking about dads and Father’s Day and the tyrants are their kids (sometimes).

So June 16, 2013 we will all join together and give praise to fathers for the very important work they do. Since becoming a father myself a couple years ago, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for both Father’s and Mother’s days. I’ll be honest and say that I can’t really remember any Father’s Days before children (B.C.) My dad always lived in another state so I’m pretty sure all Father’s Days were celebrated over the phone.

I know that on my first FD (Eliza wasn’t born yet but I’ll still count it), Amanda and I were at the Denver Zoo and I talked to my dad on my Droid X at the Red Wolf exhibit. Then last year I don’t have any recollection what we did. I checked out my archives to see what was going on and just found a pic of Eliza passed out in her high chair. Haha.

Well, Father’s Day this year will be pretty cool now that I’m a father of two super awesome kids. You know what else is awesome? The giveaway right after this paragraph. It’s for a $50 Amazon e-gift card provided by Coupons.com. ย All you have to do is tell your favorite Father’s Day memory in the comments and enter through the Rafflecopter. There are also a few other options for you to get more entries, you should do them too. You want to win, right? Well, sorry to put you through all this reading. Here’s the entry form.
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  1. amanda Gordon

    My favorite was last year. I also don’t remember what we did but I know it was the best because Eliza was there. I’m pretty sure we just hung out around tge house

    1. brad

      We’ll make sure to remember this year, ok.
      brad recently posted..Father’s Day Memories, $50 Amazon E-Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Ed

    My favorite fathers day memory is far and away speaking to my daughter over a sat phone from Southern Iraq. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t even remember who I was. It still felt like heaven to hear her voice.

  3. Chris

    My favorite Father’s Day memory was the look on my kid’s faces when they gave me their handmade presents last year.

  4. seattledad

    I don’t remember much of what we did for our dad either. It was probably not all that special, at least not as much as it should have been.

  5. Chris
    Twitter: Rated4andup

    My favorite Father’s Day was in 2009. It was my first true Father’s Day since my son had been born just 8 months earlier. I don’t recall doing anything special that day other than spending it with my wife and son.

  6. Concretin Nik

    Gotta say the first Father’s Day was my favorite. Got my first ever FD card from a friend I hadn’t heard from in well over 10 years! THAT was a surprise. And for that day to suddenly have DIRECT relevance to ME… whoa. Sometimes bein’ a grown up sucks, but it definitely doesn’t on Father’s Day.

    Appreciate the giveaway!

  7. Janet W.

    I remember always making my father his favorite brownies for Father’s Day.

  8. Janet W.

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  9. Lisa Brown

    My favorite memory is when the whole family went to the lake for father’s day weekend, it was a blast.

  10. Lisa Brown

    My favorite code: Save 20% Off Gifts for Dad

  11. joy

    Going camping with my Dad and family. We always had fun swimming and Dad would hold me on his shoulders.
    joy recently posted..May 29th, 2013My Profile

  12. joy

    Saving 20% off Fathers Day Gifts.
    joy recently posted..May 29th, 2013My Profile

  13. Heather Swarthout

    My husband’s first Father’s Day. It was amazing that he just wanted to stay home with his daughter, hold her the majority of the day as she was only a month old at the time. It was very touching.

  14. Heather Swarthout

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  15. Ashleigh Swerdfeger

    Hmm- I don’t really have a Father’s Day memory from my my childhood. other then when I gave my grandfather a gift mug I decorated in class. My fiance first’s father day was last year and that was nice ๐Ÿ™‚ He was so very happy to hold his 4 month old ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ashleigh Swerdfeger recently posted..Lengths for Love – A reviewMy Profile

  16. latoya

    When I was a kid and first learning to cook, I made my dad a father’s day dinner…and it was gross, but my dad ate it all and thanked me for the delicious meal.

  17. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie)

    i loved grilling with my dad outside

  18. kelly tillotson

    our first year of marriage, that fathers day with a brand new baby. my husband has been an amazing father since day one! thanks for the chance!

  19. Danielle Porter

    We watch Star Trek movies together. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Danielle Porter

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  21. Priscilla

    I loved making special homemade cards when I was little.

  22. Priscilla

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  23. stacey dempsey

    One of my favorite memories was one year when I was about 11 my dad took me and my sisters to mini golf with him, usually on fathers day he went golfing with his friends but this year it was with us and it was alot of fun

  24. stacey dempsey

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  25. Jen Haile

    When we went to an amusement park together!

  26. Jen Haile

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  27. LunaRaven

    My favorite Father’s Day memory is when all my sisters got together and took a studio photograph–the first to be taken in years–and gave it to my father who often traveled and was seldom at home. It still adorns his desk.

  28. amanda roach

    my husbands first fathers day.

  29. LunaRaven

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  30. amanda roach

    55% off overstock items.

  31. tina reynolds

    My favorite memory is when we would take a camping trip it was a lot of family fun

  32. tina reynolds

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  33. Thomas Bellamy

    Every Father’s Day is my favorite since I get to spend it with my kids.

  34. Cathy Shaw

    Just spending quiet time with dad — that my favorite memory both of Father’s Day and most Sunday mornings!

  35. Cathy Shaw

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  36. Stacie

    Going on a boat ride with my dad when I was a kid.
    Stacie recently posted..Fatherโ€™s Day Cards from CardstoreMy Profile

  37. sandra davis

    my husband’s first fathers day

  38. sandra davis

    get 20% off

  39. Roz Ann Biondo

    I love your photos ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. Elena

    I remember making a chocolate cake for my father for Father’s Day

  41. Elena

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  42. Paula V

    Honestly, I don’t have one. My father lives a couple hours away and so I don’t know that we’ve ever spent that day together.

  43. Candice

    I remember going out to lunch as a family, and having a great time.

  44. Candice

    I like the coupon to Save Up to 50% Off Father’s Day Tool Gifts.

  45. Paula V

    amazon prime free two-day shipping (on most items). I’ve had it for a couple years. It’s awesome.

  46. Thomas Murphy

    My favorite fathers day memory is going camping with my dad for fathers day when I was a kid.

  47. kelly Nicholson

    watching jack niclaus winnung his 4th US open

  48. laurie damrose

    One year we went to see my aunt in NY and she gave each father $50.

  49. laurie damrose

    I like the Father;s day coupons.

  50. Breenah

    Last year was my favorite because it was my husband’s first father’s day and he was SO excited.
    Breenah recently posted..BEDiM: Five Favorite BlogsMy Profile

  51. Amanda

    I don’t have a favorite memory in particular, but I DO love my dad!
    Amanda recently posted..4 Tips for Running a Mud Race + a Mud Race Giveaway!My Profile

  52. Amanda

    25% off movie and tv collectibles for Dad!
    Amanda recently posted..4 Tips for Running a Mud Race + a Mud Race Giveaway!My Profile

  53. Mike Dalton

    Spending it at Churchill Down’s with my Dad, and my two brothers!!! Great times!

  54. kelly rae

    playing chess with my father

  55. Mike Dalton

    The 40% off Cooling products, because I’m always sweating!!

  56. Kellie Christensen

    My siblings and I found some GIANT scriptures at a yard sale and bought them as a gag gift, insinuating that he is getting old and going blind. It was a wonderful laugh.

  57. Laura Jacobson

    My favorite memory was as a child, my mom took us kids up to my dads work downtown and we surprised him and took him out to lunch. I still remember that so well…we didnt get to go downtown to my dads office to often…so was alot of fun!

  58. Laura Jacobson

    My favorite coupon code is the Save Up to 50% Off Father’s Day Tool Gifts!

  59. Keith Knudsen

    We’d cook a special dinner for my father

  60. Adrianne B

    My favorite Father’s Day memory was making a collage card of favorite things for my father when I was 3 or 4. Hilarious!

  61. Nena Sinclair

    When I was a kid, we (my parents and my many siblings!) would go for a ride somewhere and then stop and get ice cream. It seems simple but I loved it!

  62. Adrianne B

    2ODADSI3 – fave coupon code for 20% off gifts for Dad.

  63. Nena Sinclair

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  64. Denise

    My husband and I don’t have kids — I’d have to say, my favorite Father’s Day was when we won tickets to a NASCAR race and took my father-in-law, who’s a big NASCAR fan.

  65. Amanda Sakovitz

    Going to Loon Mountain with my brother and parents and giving my dad a huge cake for Fathers day was the best

  66. Dawn Monroe

    A couple of years ago all the kids( 6plus 2 cousins) we raised gave my husband a suprise cookout/party. We had a great time.

  67. Dawn Monroe

    I like the 55% off audio electronics for dad.

  68. Tabathia B

    Going fishing with my grandfather years ago

  69. Keith Knudsen

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  70. soha molina

    telling my father I was pregnant with his first grandchild.

  71. Emily Wells

    My parents divorced when I was an infant, so I have no memories of my father.

  72. Ellen B

    making a special gift for dad

  73. Ellen B

    55% Off Overstock Items

  74. Rachel Beltz

    I used to love making my dad corny little kid gifts, but boy did he love them ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Rachel Beltz

    My dad could sure use the Save $25 Off Select $150 DEWALT Tools Order Code!

  76. Alyson from Starting Over @ The Dirty 30

    My sisters and I used to always make him those friendship bracelets. They were girly and silly but he would always wear them, even when at work:)

  77. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie)

    i like 55% off overstock items
    alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) recently posted..Dermatillomania, who knew?My Profile

  78. Beth Gallinger

    I don’t have any good Father’s Day memories, but this year will be a great one for my brother-in-law because my sister is pregnant.

  79. Anna Granberg

    I don’t have a particular favorite Father’s Day Memory, when I was a kid we celebrate my dad in the morning with cake, coffe and a drawing from me.

  80. Anna Granberg

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  81. Martina W.

    My fave Father’s Day memory is going to Las Vegas with my dad. We visited the Pawn Shop from the TV show Pawn Stars, which my dad absolutely loves!

  82. Lynda Thomas

    I have a lot of favorite Father’s Day memories, but I think my very favorite was something for my husband. Last year our two boys and I made him Flower handprints and he really loved them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anything homemade is always the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Cindy Loo

    Going sailing with my dad and the rest of the family!

  84. lisa lo

    No memories at all…weird.

  85. Dawn Ganey

    I spent father’s day 2011 & his birthday June 26th, before he passed from cancer October, 2011, so great!

  86. Dawn Ganey

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  87. Kristen N.

    The year I gave my father a car model made from Costa Rican wood.

  88. Steph Coupns

    taking my dad to the beach wtih my whole family a few yrs ago, it was great!

  89. Dana

    goign to a Phillies game

  90. Dana

    20% off

  91. Katie Bellamy

    We always went fishing!

  92. Kelly D

    I enjoyed the Father’s Day BBQ we had at my parent’s house last year.

  93. Kelly D

    I like the Save Up to 55% Off Overstock Items coupon

  94. Shane R.

    Making my dad a decorated box as a present when I was a kid.
    Shane R. recently posted..Shaneโ€™s Killer Cupcakes Sticker GiveawayMy Profile

  95. Brynn

    When we spent all day watching his favorite movies and eating his favorite grilled cheese sandwhiches!!

    1. brad

      Hey Brynn, you won!!! Thanks for entering and may you share many more grilled cheese sandwiches!!
      brad recently posted..Unit Pricing When It Doesn’t MatterMy Profile

  96. Cynthia

    My favourite father’s day memory was seeing how happy my husband was on his first fathers day!

  97. Debra Pauley

    Going camping with my Dad and family

  98. Debra Pauley

    Saving 20% off Fathers Day Gifts.

  99. pinky sade

    my fav memory was giving my dad a present that was always on his wish list! ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Renata

    I miss those Father’s Days when I was a kid, when dad pretended to love every gift I made at school… wonderful and funny memories ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. Renata

    This is the best deal for me: “Save Up to 50% Off Father’s Day Tool Gifts”

  102. Lesti

    My favorite Faherโ€™s Day Memory has become our Faherโ€™s Day Tradition: go out for a long walk in the park nearby and count nesting-box and see who would count more and win

  103. Lesti

    “Save Up to 55% Off Overstock Items” sounds good ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Sarah VM

    My favorite Father’s Day memory was surprising my Dad with all his favorite foods for dinner. He was so happy.

  105. Jonathan Baker

    My favorite father’s day was a few years ago when I took my dad to see the last Star Trek movie. Was great to get to spend some time with him!

  106. Jonathan Baker

    I love the 50% off Father’s Day tool gift sets @ Amazon.com.

  107. Cassie Korando

    My favorite Father’s Day was any when I was younger. My siblings and I used to hang out and play around the house with my father. Now that we’re all grown up and my mother passed away, we don’t have those times any more.

  108. Julie Gurley

    My husband’s first Father’s Day was wonderful, just to see him enjoy it so much

  109. Sara Floyd

    My favorite will be this year, because we just had our baby in January

  110. Meche

    My favorite coupon is “Save over 50% on Select Panasonic DJ Headphones”

  111. Meche

    My favorite memory is playing all day with my dad when I was little!

  112. Thomas Murphy

    I like the Save 20% Off Gifts for Dad

  113. Moose
    Twitter: radmoose

    Hanging out with my Dad at Disneyland =)

  114. Moose
    Twitter: radmoose

    2ODADSI3 is my favorite coupon code on the Amazon Coupon Codes page

  115. Amanda Sakovitz


  116. Jennifer Marie

    taking my dad out to eat last year was great.

  117. Jennifer Marie

    I like the 15% off $100 at JCP.

  118. Tabathia B

    the Save 20% Off Gifts for Dad

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