I Still Love When They Match Jammies

brother and sister in matching pajamasI’m pretty sure I’ve posted a pic of this, either here on the blog or on the Facebook Page, but I’m going to do it again. What it is, is both Henry and Eliza have polar bear jammies. We like to have them wear them at the same time as often as we can. You know, because it’s super cute. I’m sure that, if you weren’t convinced by the still photo, you will be by this motion picture that it really is the cutest thing out there.

Here’s the video. Oh, by the way, you should really subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ve been posting just about every day over there and it’s some really good stuff (I think.) CHECK IT OUT.

Was I right or was I right? Uber cute, no?

Uh, here’s an advertisement for some NFL pajamas. If you click it and buy something I’ll get a tiny bit of money and be able to get some matchers for us all. Yeah, that’s it right off to the side of here. Just click the link and get transported to NFLSHOP.COM. Thank you.

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    […] here’s a little video I made on the Instagram. It’s Henry and Eliza in their matching polar bear jammies. Remember them? They both still fit in them and it’s still cute as several buttons! […]

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