Some Pics Of Me When I Was Younger

Here’s some pics of me when I was younger. And I mean much younger, like a baby younger. Yes, even I was a baby once. These were in my Dropbox folder, I found them when I was cleaning it out the other day as it was 95% full.

That Dropbox is a pretty cool thing don’t you think? I like how I can set it so when I take a photo on my phone, it automagically uploads it to “The Cloud” and it’s instantly on my laptop. If you don’t have it yet, you can click THIS LINK and it’ll take you to sign up, plus I’ll get 500 MB more for referring you.

Well that’s enough with the Dropbox advert, here’s the pics of little me.

baby Brad  appears to be drinking a Miller High Life Beer, but the bottle is empty

Living The High Life

brad sits holding a football and he's a baby too

I Sure Loved Footballs


Ready To Leave I Guess

Ready To Leave I Guess

brad with his dad and his granddad

Me, My Dad, My Grandpa


























And there you have it, 4 pics of me from a long, long time ago. You’re lucky they’re in color, it was barely invented yet. Haha. Just kidding, I’m not that old.
Although sometimes my back and knees would beg to differ with you.

Have a great weekend and all that stuff. Don’t forget that I’m here every day with a new post. It seems most times they show up real late at night, like tonight, but they are always there. If you don’t see anything new when you come here, try again later. And make sure to start sharing some of my posts. It’s ok to do, in fact it’s encouraged. Bye bye!!

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