Some Random Paragraphs

looking up at yogurt in black and whiteHere are some random things I was thinking about tonight as I tried to come up with a topic for the blog.

Eliza will talk on the phone. She pretty much only says hello. She’ll say it over and over though and it’s so cute how she says it. I guess she also says goodbye too. If you’re talking on your phone near her, she almost has to take it from you. The power of Verizon Wireless compels her. She’ll usually mute it or something. She also can unlock the phone and call people. It’s happened quite a few times. I need to get that dang emergency dialer off my phone!

Henry has been so talkative this past week. He also has started laughing more. He’s got tons of jokes. When he was first born, we thought he was going to be a serious guy but we don’t think so now. He’s always off somewhere laughing or smilingsmiling henry

Eliza has become quite the helper. She’ll go get diapers for her and/or her brother, get the wipes and even sometimes get new clothes. She gets specific toys or other things she knows if asked. She’s just pretty good. I guess that part of having a kid is supposed to be having someone to do things for you right? Haha.

a man in black stands in left field at Coors Field in Denver ColoradoAmanda won a free month of a Gymboree class. Well, won in a silent auction. She paid for it, but not much. Going over the class offerings, it sounds pretty cool. There’s a couple whole family classes, a music and an art one, if I recall. They say you have to be 6 months old so we’ll have to wait till Henry’s a bit older. But it’s only 2 months so it’s not a big deal.

I’m going back to Coors Field tomorrow if all goes as planned. After not going to a game for 2 or 3 years, I’ll be attending 2 in 3 days. Pretty sweet. The Rockies have been having some really good ticket specials lately. I got these seats on the first level, left field for $10. I’m gonna catch so many┬áhome run┬áballs. I got a batting practice HR ball on Saturday and it was so awesome.

And that’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed the show. It was great being here tonight. Let’s do it again real soon, ok?


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