Eliza Plays The Xbox

a girl holding an xbox 360 controllerEliza is pretty tech savy, even at the ripe old age of not even 2. She can unlock our phones and find her apps, no problem. She can look through photos and play videos on the phones too. She’s not too good on the laptop though, she just mashes every key until she finally gets the power button, so we try to keep her away from that. Today she’s expanding her skill set to the XBox 360.

She did 2 cool tricks with it today. All by herself she found a CD and put it in the drive. There was already a game in there, but don’t worry she safely placed it in an empty case after taking it out. So polite! I don’t even do that (at least) half the time.

She also found out how to play videos from my phone to the TV. I set up media sharing last week and played a few vids through the XBox’s dashboard video section. However, I didn’t even know or remember I could be looking at the gallery on my phone and choose to play them on the telly from there. Eliza found this out for me. She’s so smart.

Maybe we can put together some training videos for the upcoming Xbox One. Eliza will be months older and even better able to operate it. So all we need is the XBox. If anyone from Microsoft reads this, I would like to partner up and make this happen. Eliza will be a great ambassador of your brand and surely many more sales will result from one simple donation. Thank you very much.

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