Eye-Fi Mobi = Awesome


I just got the 4 GB Eye-Fi Mobi SD card from Best Buy with a gift card my lovely wife got me for Father’s Day. I have been tempted to get one of their memory cards for a while now but I’m glad I waited for this one.

I never used the old versions but from what I heard, it was not all it was cracked up to be. There were like secret hidden steps to get pics from your camera to computer and it wasn’t real fast. Remember though that this is just what other people said, I never had one. image

I do have the Mobi though and it is awesome. It has a WIFI hotspot maker built into it. It’s super easy to use, here’s how to do it on an Eye-Fi compatible camera. I use the Canon T3i, FYI.

1. Put the Mobi SD card in your camera. 2. Download the free Eye-Fi app from the Google Play Store.
3. Input the code what came on the SD card case in the app to activate the app.
4. Enable Eye-Fi transfer in your cameras settings.
5. Start shooting!

That’s really it, it works like two charms. I was really impressed. Now I can take DSLR photos and put them up on all my favorite Social Media sites almost instantly. Awesome!

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