We Finally Found Nemo

finding nemo in our video library on Amazon instant videoWe found Nemo. What a search it was though. Anywhere we’d see it the price was outrageous! I guess it only came in DVD/BluRay combo pack and was always nearly $30. That’s too dang much. I can’t believe people pay those kind of prices for movies. What is this 1986?


Well, it’s available on Amazon Instant Video as a rental or a purchase. We purchased it for 8 or 9 dollars. It is available to us anywhere we can get the Instant Video, in our case mostly the Xbox 360. I don’t think it’s on Android phones but I could be wrong. I do know you can get it on the Kindle HD so that’s pretty cool.

This was the first time I have purchased a digital movie. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, I don’t feel totally ripped off by not having a physical copy of it. It’s kinda nice actually. I don’t have to worry about Eliza getting peanut butter and/or jelly all over it, and I don’t have to worry about it falling under the couch and not being seen for years. It just lives in “the cloud” and we can use it whenever we want, pretty much.

So I guess I’m saying I like it and could recommend to you to buy digital copies of movies through Amazon. That is all.


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