Who Is Really Running Things Around Here

An infant girl holds two (2) Dora The Explorer cups.


Sometimes it seems like Dora The Explorer runs things around here. She seems nice at first glance but if you let her in too often she shows her other, darker side. She plays it off with her catchy jingles and hypnotizing Spanish sayings.

She tries to make you think everything is bueno, but it’s not bueno. Dora is deeply embedding herself in the head of all the children in this house, especially the girl one in the picture. Dora tells her to like her and only her. No other cartoons will do. If someone should try to put something else on, Dora makes her protest until it’s changed. Oh that dang ol’ Dora!!

And Dora wants to be the only cup from which to drink. There are several other perfectly fine cups but no, Dora says only hers will do. Drinks out of non-Dora cups are muy mal, she says. Throw that cup down and make your dad put the drink in my cup, she says. Oh I shake my fist at you Dora!!!

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That Dora, she’s always exploring new ways to get other copies of her in our house. She’s on everything, everywhere it seems. We can’t go through any store without Eliza spotting her and calling out, “Backpack, Backpack!!” Eliza loves the backpack, you see.

She can spot a Dora from across a room like she has some kind of Dora radar, a Dordar if you will (please don’t.) It’s pretty amazing really. Amazing at least in terms of how well the creators of Dora have done at making it irresistible to some folks. It’s like crack to Eliza, but (hopefully) less harmful. It can’t be that bad can it? I mean it’s educational and multicultural and all that. She’s learned some words and it keeps her occupied for a bit when I need to do stuff.

I guess it’s just a first taste of the marketing towards kids that we’ll have to face in the coming years. There’s movies and cereal and everything. Those marketers know who runs the show, the parents might like to pretend they do but you know they don’t. It’s the kids. So many choices are made solely for the benefit of kids, at least in this house and I would assume many others. So if you get the kids, you get the money. And it’s all about the dinero baby.



P.S. Eliza’s 2nd birthday party is Dora themed. Oh man!!





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