Then And Now: Eliza Edition

I’ve been working on putting together all the pics for Eliza’s Daily Photo Video, it’s quite the task. I really need to organize and edit them more often. But it should be kinda cool once it’s finished sometime tomorrow. It’s going to be all 2 years worth of daily photos! Wowzers.

I’ll give you a sneak peak at the video. I’m gonna show you the beginning and then the end, well the end as it is now, I need to get a pic for tomorrow. So here’s the first one.

eliza, newborn girl, 2 months premature

Day One

And here is a pic I took today. It’s not too good because I just about forgot to do it so I had to get a sleeper pic again. But at any rate, you should be able to tell a slight difference in her appearance from day one to day one less than 2 years.

almost 2 year old girl eliza. the day before her birthday

1 Year, 364 Days

Alright, see you tomorrow!


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