Carousel At The Denver Zoo – The Ridening

Hey, I know what you were wanting to see tonight. It was 6 pics of me and/or Amanda and Eliza riding the carousel at the Denver Zoo, right? Yeah, I knew that was the ticket. Speaking of ticket, we bought 2 of them and rode the carousel today. It was Eliza’s first time as well as my first for a long time. I was reminded of my lack of ability to spin around. Ever since that day back in 4th or 5th grade when I spun around for like 10 minutes on the tire swing I just can’t handle spinning. But Eliza seemed to enjoy it. She was saying and signing “MORE” really hard after her first time on it. She totally got to go again with her mom.

It was International Red Panda Day but we could only see the tail of it while we were there. I can confirm it was red.

There was a kid there having a birthday party. How cool is that? A zoo birthday. Maybe next year or the year after we’ll do that with Eliza. It’s one of her favorite places we go so why the heck not? Am I right?

We’re trying out the light rail and going to the Colorado Rockies game tomorrow. It’s one of Todd Helton’s last games so hopefully he hits an opposite field home run near our seats and I catch it. Last game we went to I caught a batting practice HR, my first one ever! This time I hope it’s a regulation hit. Watch for me on the Sports Center going crazy after catching it.

Ok, here’s some pics. Click ones you want to see bigger to embiggen them. Have a great day!


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