Henry is a shirthead, and no balloons here


Henry is a shirthead. Just look at him with this shirt on his head. What’s he doing anyways, he’s such a card. One time we were worried that he was going to be too serious. Like the first couple weeks of him being born. He soon grew out of it and we aren’t so worried. He jokes around a bit with his sister (she’s a master jokester!) and it’s pretty cool.

I’ve really been phoning it in lately, have you noticed? I am actually posting this from my phone today (and for the past few days) so it’s literal and the other. Soon I’ll make a real good thought out meaningful post, or maybe I won’t. Maybe this is what it is now. It’s hard to say. Only time will tell and it’s not talking. 

I hope you have a great holiday day and do something really fun. It’s raining and spoiling our plans here in Colorado Springs but were making do. We’ve been all over town several times and are getting to sort of learn our way around. We came for the (hot air) Balloon Classic but we haven’t seen one yet. Maybe tomorrow?


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