12 Months of Eliza

Yesterday I did a photo montage of Henry, as you may recall, so today it’s only fitting (plus I said I was gonna do it) if I do one for his sister Eliza. Like Henry’s yesterday, each photo is taken on, or very near, her birthdate. One thing that’s kind of funny is that the pic of her with birthday cake all over her hands and face isn’t at her birthday, it’s one of her little friend’s and was a month later. Like I said it was kind of funny.

I shall now present to you the photos. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see one of me tomorrow. I sure hope you’re lucky. Cross your fingers, won’t you? Ok, have a great day and a greater tomorrow. Adios!


a photo from each month of 2013 of my daughter eliza

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  1. carol

    All cute too..

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