Christmas Card From Our Family

merry christmas and a happy new year from our family



We didn’t get any Christmas cards sent out this year so this’ll have to do! Merry Christmas everyone who reads this, especially if you’re a family member of ours. We’ve had a pretty awesome year at the Stay At Home Brad house. You can check out the past year worth of blog posts to find out exactly what happened. The main thing was the birth of little Henry. He’s such a cutie, he’ll be 1 in January and he’s a little rascal.

I kept up with my daily photos and made videos, you can watch them all at YouTube. Henry will have his come January. He’s growing up so fast I tell you. He’s already walking around and it’s so funny to see because he’s such a little guy.

Let me see if I can remember some things that happened this past year: We went on vacation to Montana, we saw lots of family and Yellowstone Park on our way home. I became a Realtor® (press Alt-0174 to make the registered trademark symbol.) I won a copy of Photoshop Elements. Amanda started going back to school to get her Master’s Degree. We rode the light rail down to watch a Colorado Rockies game. Eliza made Henry pass out. I played Movember and grew a moustache/beard. Eliza picked pumpkins. We got our money’s worth out of our zoo and Children’s Museum memberships. We went hiking up at Moffat Tunnel. I felt beautiful one day. I went to the At Home Dad’s Convention here in Denver. Eliza took swimming lessons and was good at it (she also threw up in a hotel pool, oooops!) We saw hot air balloons in Colorado Springs.

Well that’s probably enough events and things. It’s probably enough for this post/e-card. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Good tidings to you and all of your kin and all that. Do a lot of eating of delicious foodstuffs, so much that you have to undo your belt and pop the button on your pants. Play in the snow if you have it. Get ready for next year because it’ll be the best one yet. There’s so much awesome stuff coming up in 2014, for both us here on the blog and for you. I can’t tell you what you have in store, but you know it’ll be good.

Bye for now!



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