If You’re A Man, I’ve Got Something For You

Just For Men Mustache And Beard  Brush In Gel
You may have heard about it here, or you may have heard about it elsewhere but the month of November has been renamed Movember. And I know it’s already 11 days into December but I don’t care about dates like that. Days ain’t nuthin’ but numbers, I say.

I was in a group of dad bloggers raising money for men’s health issues this past Movember. I was also supplied with some Just For Men Mustache And Beard Brush In Gel, along with some other cool Movember swag. I got a shirt, some stickers, a wristband and I can’t remember what else. It’s because I’m so awesome and all that. Haha.

I agreed to this sponsoring because I happen to have some graying hairs. I try to say they’re just blonde but my wife makes sure to let me know I’m wrong. It’s weird that a fella of my young age would be getting gray hairs but I guess gray hair doesn’t discriminate against youth. LoL.

Brad used Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush In Gel to get his gray out. Grey hair. Hair dye.


I let my beard and mustache grow the whole month and then 10 days of December before I tried the product. I wanted to have a fuller, longer growth to test it. It certainly did work. I used the dark brown color, the box got ripped up (thanks Eliza!) so what you see in the above photo is Light-Medium Brown, which I think would maybe work with multiple applications. I got pretty good results on just one application. It looked natural, I thought. There was maybe still a “touch of gray” in there, just to make it look natural. It could have been from my lack of beard dye brushing in skills though, a second more thorough application would have browned it right up I’m sure.

The whole process took probably 20 minutes and would be much faster now that I know how to do it. I had to read the instruction manual, contrary to my preference. I thought it’d be ok to not burn my face off though, you gotta be careful with hair dyes, amiright? The actual time you have the dye in your beard or mustache is only 5 minutes, it’s pretty quick.

So I made a little movie to show you how it worked. It’s intentionally very poorly made and badly acted, but to tell you the truth I don’t know that it would be much different if I were trying to be serious. It’s fun though, it had been a while since I made a movie type YouTube vid. They’re mostly just my kids doing cute things. I hope you like it.

I also hope you like Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush In Gel. It’s a great product and works as advertised. Just don’t let your wife use it on her beard.



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