The Gambler, or: Eliza In Great Grandpa’s Hat

Eliza in her great grandpa's trucker hat from Cactus Pete's in Jackpot, Nevada. I placed her in front of a vintage pic of Cactus Pete's.


Last night Eliza found this hat and was putting it on. It’s my grandpa’s, her great grandpa’s hat. He was a really awesome guy, my grandpa. He never did get to meet Eliza unfortunately but his hat will live on with us, along with all of our great memories.

He was a gambling man for sure, the thing was, was that he was good at it. He had some kind of magic touch when it came to the slots or video poker/keno. Whenever we’d go up to Montana to see them, he would have just won $800 at the local casino (the max payout in MT). I looked forward to going out gambling with him, it was like the highlight of our trip. I never did as good as him though, I’m blessed with the unmagic touch at gambling.

Now Amanda, she’s got it. She has 2 jackpots under her belt. One of them helped us with our down payment on our house even! I’m always hoping I’ll get one but it hasn’t happened yet. I guess my luck is holding out for a big payout, like the recent (not won by me) Mega Millions jackpot. I had 2 tickets for that one and I was sure I’d win. It turned out I only matched 1 number, which is way too few. Maybe next time?




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