Kiss To Make The Hurt Go Away

girl kisses her brother on the forehead as he cries.

In this photo we see Eliza kissing her brother Henry on this head as he cries. I can’t remember exactly why he was crying, but I do know it was his sister who caused it. She was attempting to make it all better though, because everyone knows that if you have an owie, a kiss fixes it right up.

And it worked. He was all better right after this picture was taken. You would know that if it was a moving picture but it’s still. I haven’t posted a moving picture to the YouTube for a while now. I best get on that. I know you all have been really missing seeing us on video. We do some real high quality work and the whole internet wants to see.

Oh, since this post has a sister kissing a brother, I thought this was mildly apropos. Did you see the footage from some sporting event where they put up the Kiss Cam and they pointed it at a dude sitting next to a lady. Then the dude took out a sign he brought with him that said “Sister” and had an arrow pointing towards the lady. He didn’t want to kiss his sister at all. Not even on the cheek or forehead or whatever. I’m sure it was all planned out in advance, probably by Jimmy Kimmel.

1 year old boy. You can see his baby teeth coming in.

Here he is just minutes after the first event. You can sort of tell he’s ok now. You can also see his teeth. He’s got 7 I think. It seems weird to have an odd number of teeth but he does. He’s got one to the side of his middle bottom teeth coming in. It’s pretty crooked but they say that’s not worrisome right now, it’ll straighten out later. Hope so.

So this is the end of this blog posting. I’m glad you were able to make it all the way here. Oh wait, you stopped already? Dang.

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  1. Carl

    Love moments like these where your kids try to take care of each other. Kind of reassures me that they do love and care for one another, even if they cause each other pain and difficulty at times.

    1. brad

      It is nice to see because I do wonder sometimes if she just hates his cute little guts. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Carl.

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