Reading The Sunday Denver Post (@denverpost)

2 year old girl reads Sunday Denver Post newspaper.


Eliza is reading the Sunday Denver Post. She really likes the in-depth coverage of issues that matter to her. Just kidding. She just wanted to do like her dad do. We get the Sunday paper and it’s pretty cool. It’s true that I could read the articles online the day before, but it’s nice having the physical paper to hold on to. It reminds me of a simpler time way back when.

Why, I remember before I even lived here in Colorado. My mom and I would go to this magazine store in Billings, MT where we lived and get the Sunday Post so we could get a feel for the city and look at the classified ads. Remember those? There used to be like 50 pages of ’em. Now there’s only a couple. The times they did a’change.

I wouldn’t be opposed to printed newspapers making a comeback. There’s going to come a time when the ISPs charge so much for bandwidth that nobody is gonna want to waste it reading a local interest story. Then where will you go to find out anything about your surrounds? Nowhere, that’s where. You just won’t know anything anymore. And that will be a sad day.

So do us all a favor and subscribe to your local newspaper. Even if it’s just the Sunday edition like we do. You get all the coupons and adverts as a bonus. There’s like hundreds of dollars in savings to be had! If you and seven of your friends subscribe, then seven of each of your seven friends’ friends do it could work wonders towards reviving the newspaper industry and save the world from dumbness. DO YOUR PART! Haha.

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  1. Christian Toto
    Twitter: daddylibrium.com

    I subscribe to The Denver Post but only so I can receive the Sunday paper. It’s actually more expensive to get just the Sunday edition than to get the Friday-Sunday papers. Guessing they want more figures to share with the advertisers.

    I think newspapers in general are too stuffy and set in their ways. The web outlets I read are friskier, more challenging and shake up the same ol’ same ol’. I wish more print newspapers tried that (while sticking to journo basics …).
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