Eliza Cries.

2 year old girl crying. Bear shirt.

A really great photo of Eliza crying. It’s been a while since we’ve seen one of those. I’m pretty sure I have shown at least one. I hope she doesn’t mind. This time she was crying because I told her we’d go out in the front yard and play with our soccer ball. When I said front yard, I was talking about the grassy area in front of our condo. She thought I was talking about the house across the fence from us. This was quite a misunderstanding on her part. She cried for like 10 minutes, which for her is a long time. Anyways, this was near the end of her episode and we had moved back in the house. It took some milk and the movie Epic to calm her down.

Here’s a musical video you can watch. It helps to look at the pic of Eliza while it plays. Also, you can change the word Mr. to Miss if you wish. It’s called Mr. Blue and she sure was.





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  1. Jack

    Nice shot. My daughter told me the other day that I am ordered not to blog about her without prior approval. I told her not to be so bossy. Damn, used that word again. 😉
    Jack recently posted..How To Write A Blog Post That Will Make You A Sex God Or GoddessMy Profile

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