Fill Your Own Keurig K-Cup And Save

fill your own keurig pod filled with seattle's best coffee k-cup k cupWe got a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas last year, thanks Mom! It’s really cool and we use the heck out of it. Between my wife and I we probably have 5 or 6 cups a day. That might not be a lot to you who drinks 5 or 6 pots of coffee a day but it’s a lot for us. They’re big cups if that helps you.

The K-Cups, or pods or whatever, are really easy to use and have saved us from wasting a lot of coffee. I used to make it by the pot in our old fashioned coffee maker and I’d end up throwing away half of it every day. Wasteful man.

So these K-cups really help, we can just make it on demand. But they come at a price. That price is like 40 cents per cup. Which is a lot less expensive than buying it at Starbucks but it still adds up.

Our machine came with this fancy fill your own K-Cup and we’ve started using it lately so we don’t have to keep buying boxes of coffee pods at Costco all the time. They work really swell too, they just take a bit more effort. You have to fill it, then dump it out, then rinse it out. It only takes a minute or so though so it’s not too bad.

Today I wanted to figure out how much the fill your own would cost us and also

Seattle's Best Medium Dark Rich Number 4 Coffee.

save us. So I weight out how much I put in the pod. It was 6 grams worth of Seattle’s Best Number 4. The whole bag has 340 grams, so not accounting for waste we can get 56 whole pods worth. And a trip to Walmart today provided me with the price of $5.38 per bag (this coffee too was a gift from my mom so I didn’t know how much it was, thanks again Mom!) Dividing the price by servings gets us 9.6 cents per serving. Nice!!!

So even if we went with some real fancy stuff costing 10 bucks, we’d still be saving half off the pre-filled K-Cups. Not a bad deal at all, if you ask me, and I know you did otherwise why would I be writing this amiright?

So in conclusion, while Keurig coffee pods are a better deal than buying a cuppa joe at a store, filling your own at home will prove to be a much better deal if you don’t mind a small amount of work to make them ready to brew.

That is all folks.


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  1. Coffee Man

    yesssss Keurig coffee maker for Christmas last year
    Coffee Man recently posted..Keurig K10/b31 Mini Plus Brewing Syst…My Profile

  2. Laura

    5 to 6 cups is my average for the day. Thank you for providing this useful information about the K-cup. It is true that we don’t realize how much money we can save just by making a bit of effort.

  3. Cathy

    I can’t find the Keurig model that comes with fill your own cup. Would you kindly send me a link. Thanx.

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