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3 Years In 2 Minutes. Eliza’s Daily Photos

Eliza is 3 years old and as you might know I have taken a photo of her just about every day of her life. This is the video I made where I put all of them together, showing each one for one tenth of a second and you watch her go from birth to 3 …

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Mike Wazowski Cupcakes

Here are some pics of Amanda decorating Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc, Monsters University) cupcakes on Henry’s birthday a couple weeks ago. They were pretty good tasting and looking. Oreo cookies were the mouth and eye and the Oreo frosting is the eye ball Good work, Mom!

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This Is The One Where Henry Is A Pirate

Hats On Their Heads! This is the one where Henry is a pirate. His sister doesn’t have a hat to prove it but she’d be a good pirate too. Did you know that tomorrow is little Henry’s birthday? Truth. It doesn’t seem like he’s been around for an entire year, the time flew right on …

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Happy Birthday Eliza, This Is Your Video!

Here’s Eliza’s daily photo video for her 2nd birthday. It’s all 2 years worth of daily photos put together and it’s really cool, I think. What do you think?  

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Then And Now: Eliza Edition

I’ve been working on putting together all the pics for Eliza’s Daily Photo Video, it’s quite the task. I really need to organize and edit them more often. But it should be kinda cool once it’s finished sometime tomorrow. It’s going to be all 2 years worth of daily photos! Wowzers. I’ll give you a …

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Early birthday present day!

Eliza got to open an early birthday present tonight. It’s from her grandma and is a combo chalk/white board. Pretty cool. Eliza already made several masterpieces in chalk (we erased them dangit.)

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We’re Almost There

We’re Almost to Eliza’s 2nd birthday, yay! Just thought I’d share that again in case you missed it. We’re getting ready for her birthday party that were having next weekend. It’s her first real bday party, last year we just smashed cupcakes at home. It should be fun. Eliza can say “I’m 2,” so that’s …

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Watch “He Sits Up, He Falls Down” on YouTube


Look, it’s the first post of August and the first video too. And it’s Henry’s first time sitting up, on camera. He’s getting pretty good at it. I guess he sat up in the bath tonight too. Wow, he’s getting so old isn’t he? Speaking of getting old, Eliza is going to be 2 years …

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Happy 4th (month) Birthday Henry!

Happy birthday to my boy Henry, he’s 4 months old today! I haven’t gotten him anything because he never told me what it was he wanted. Well, he did but it was just milk and he gets that anyways. He sure is getting to be a big boy. He’s wearing some of his sister’s old …

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Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry turned one today. Not one year though, one month. It’s still pretty cool. Did you know that when his sister turned one month old she was living in the hospital? So it’s nice to get to celebrate here at home. Not that we did much celebrating. He’s still far too young for cake or …

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The Family Dinner

Hey there folk, Stay at Home Brad here with a brand new video for you. This one’s a doozy. Haha. Well, it’s actually probably not of much interest to you. I made it and I want to put it here for our own sake. So we can have a copy of it on the internet …

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Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day, for a couple reasons. One being that it’s my birthday. Two, it was a super nice weather day. I mean it was downright summer like, but not summer like when it’s unbearably hot and you just want to sit inside an igloo in your underpants. Summer like when it’s just perfect and …

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Today = Supposed To Be Birthday

Did you know that October 1 was supposed to be Eliza’s birthday? It’s true. But she was born a couple months before it. If things turned out the way they were “supposed” to we would be eating cake today. I’m glad it happened how it did though. As tough as having her in the NICU …

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A Birthday Party

We went to a birthday party for one of Eliza’s little friends this afternoon. Eliza and her little friend hadn’t met since they were still in their mom’s tummies but they were reacquainted today! Here are some photos of the goings on with some surf music as an accompaniment. See ya later!

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A Photo A Day For Baby’s First Year (Eliza Daily Photo Video)

Today is Eliza’s 1st birthday!! Yay, what a great year it was. We had so many good times and only a few bad times. This next year is going to be even better than the last. Eliza has come so far from being a patient in the NICU to a big ol’ girl with a …

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A Baby Makes A Mess Eating Birthday Cake

Eliza got to eat a cupcake at her birthday celebration today. She ate it real good. Well, actually I don’t know how much she ate. There sure was a lot of it on her face and the floor. She had a great time though. Happy birthday (in 2 days) Eliza!!!  

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Happy Anniversary To Me And My Blog

It has been 1 (one) year exactly since the first post here at Stay At Home Brad dot com. Can you believe it? I can, but only because I know it to be true since I’ve seen it with my own eyes. This post will be the 330th on the site. Some of them are …

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Eliza’s Birthday Pictures Picture

This is Eliza on each of the 9 birthdays she has had so far. The first is when she was born, the next 8 are on the anniversary of that day. She is 8 months old now, I still can’t believe how fast the time goes. Well, happy Easter everybody.    

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Happy Birthday Amanda

Hey there, it’s the day before the big day. What big day you ask? Well, the big day that is Amanda’s birthday. Amanda is Eliza’s mom, in case you’re new here. Eliza is our daughter in case you’re really new here. I can’t tell you how many birthdays Amanda has had but the number is …

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Hola amigos! How have you all been? We have been doing pretty good since we last spoke. Just enjoying the company of each other and whatnot. We met Eliza’s grandma at Abe’s today for lunch. They have pretty good food there. I had the gyro platter. It tasted delish, but there just wasn’t enough of …

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