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Here’s Looking At You Kids

  I just needed to post something to test out a thing on my blog. This is it. Amazing, right! It’s these 2 dang ol’ kids peepin’ out the window at me as I was out in our yard. Did you know that having a yard is pretty nice? Now you know. Before we just …

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The Color Was Gone From Their Cheeks.

Hello to you all whoever you may be. Today I am just going to post these two pics on here and call it good. I know you won’t mind. They’re both black and white photos of the kids. I just took them today so they’re super fresh. Nice, eh? Yeah, it is. Well, see ya …

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Eliza And Her Mom Playtime

It’s picture day here at the ol’ blogstead. Tonight I won’t bore you (too much) with any of my words. I’ll just post a brief description and a photo. Sounds simple, yes? Here goes. This is Amanda and her daughter Eliza playing on the couch today. They were having a great time. Check out Eliza’s …

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A Picture Of A Crying Baby


This is what Henry looks like when he is strapped in his car seat and he is crying and everything is in black and white. This is what you see after he gets hit on the head by his sister. On an unrelated note, here’s a link to some really cool old photos that have …

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A Pretty Good Pic Of Eliza

  Hi, sorry if you’ve already seen this on my Facebook but I like this photograph I took last weekend at Barr Lake State Park. Do you like it too? I hope so. Look at her little boots. So cute! What are we gonna do when she grows out of them??? I guess we’ll have …

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Eliza Cleans A Mess

A long time ago we found a big bag of Duplo-esque blocks at a thrift store but we never gave them to Eliza to play with. Well, tonight we busted into it and went crazy building things and then knocking them down. Eliza was so good at building high stacks of blocks, she could do …

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I Want There To Be No More Snow Where I Live

Hey, I only have a couple minutes till the deadline for posting today so I’m just going to leave this picture here. Please discuss it amongst yourselves. It’s snow, something I want. Only what I want is for it to go away. Bye.

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Photo Challenge 3.2 | #fmsphotoaday | I Made This

Here’s my submission for the Photo Challenge I’m taking part in. The topic is, “I Made This.” So what it is is a pancake. But not just a regular pancake, it’s a tiny pancake for my tiny baby girl Eliza. She also is something I made if you want to count that. So there’s two …

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Th(re)e Eyes Have It.

In case you were wondering what it would look like to see all of our eyes in one place at one time, here you go. I hope they’re not detailed enough so that you might copy them for use in retina scanners and fake your way into some secure location we have access to. Haha. …

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Eliza Looks At Geese

You know what Eliza likes? She likes birds. It’s probably her favorite animal, even more so than cats what live at her house. Today we went to a park and fed some geese. Geese are the easiest birds to get access to. They are dirty and stinky too, but we try to look past that. …

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Running Through Some Leaves

Hey, check out this video of Eliza running through some leaves. It’s done in an old fashioned style, black and white and scratchy and jittery and with a voiceover. It’s pretty clever. I make some really great videos sometimes. It’s really a shame that nobody ever sees them. I’m not very good at self-promotion. So …

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Photoshoot Tonight, We All Look Good

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]i, it’s time for the Saturday evening post. Tonight I would like to present you with some photos we took tonight. Amanda took the ones of me and I the ones of her. I think they turned out pretty good. Remember that we can take really great photos of you and/or your family too. Just …

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Black and White And Snow All Over

  I love taking photos in black and white. I think they look so good. It almost doesn’t even matter what the subject is, the lack of color just makes it good somehow. When the pic is of Eliza though, it doesn’t matter if it’s color or B&W, it is amazing! You know what is …

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Eliza Met The Wall Today

We were just minding our own business, making cute videos when all of a sudden Eliza fell down and hit her head on the wall. There was a horrible thud as skull met sheetrock. Eliza cried hard, and it wasn’t clear if she’d make it through the ordeal. You can’t tell because the video cut …

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A Sunday Photo

a cute baby named Eliza


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Babies On Parade

A little something I found in the ol’ archives. Babies On Parade! They had a crawling baby contest where they put a bunch of babies in the middle of a circle they had drawn on the ground and then saw which baby would get from the center to the outside first! And it looked like …

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So handsome!

So handsome!

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Eliza Collage

A collage of photos of Eliza, there are two photos that appear twiceHi, it was such a nice day today here in Denver that I didn’t have any time to spend composing a real posting. We took Eliza for a stroller ride and I cleaned out my car and took out a bunch of leftover Christmas trash. So I just made up this photo collage of Eliza. Well, see you tomorrow!

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Smilin’ Eliza Pic

Little Eliza smiles for the camera. She is such an awesome baby. Here’s another photo of Eliza that I took today. She was hamming it up for the camera something fierce. Ha. I love that little girl so much! It’s pretty neat that she’s smiling for reals now, or so it seems anyways. She would smile before but it was “just gas.” These ones she does are real and it is real cool.

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