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You Need To Follow This Instagram Account

One look at this fantastic Instagram photographer and you’ll no doubt agree that this is one account you need to follow. I might be a little biased since it’s my own but, whatevs. You should do it anyways. I mean, you already are looking at pictures of food and rich people’s toys so why not …

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Henry Rides A Bike


Henry Rides a bike at Walmart. He thought he was so fancy sittin’ up on this hog. You should have heard the fit he threw when we made him get off. If you were at the store that night you did. We were thinking about getting his sister a bike for her birthday a few …

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Making Easter Eggs

Tonight’s family funtime activity was dying Easter eggs. Eliza got to help out for the first time in her life. This is her 3rd Easter but she’s been so dang small for all of them. Now she helped pick the colors she wanted to dye them, and she put them in the cup herself. Only …

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Some Different Hats Are Being Worn

  Look at these two children, so cute. And so behatted. They have both worn hats before but these are some different hats they are wearing today. Much the same as the proverbial “hat” I have worn thus far in their lives, that of the stay at home (during the day at least) dad, my …

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Throwback Wednesday


This old pic just resurfaced on The Facebook. Look how Freakin tiny Eliza was. Sooo Freakin tiny, that’s how tiny. And look how young I looked back almost 3 years ago. I was a young man with my whole life ahead of me and until a few weeks before I slept for many hours each …

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All Four Of Us In One Photo

family photo at dinosaur ridge in morrison, colorado

It doesn’t happen very often, but yesterday we got all four of us in one photo. There’s also a dinosaur seeing as how we were at Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, CO. We had seen a dinosaur at a Sinclair gas station while we were out driving around and then Eliza wanted to see MORE DINOSAURS! …

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I may have outgrown this chair.

  I’m not sure but I might have outgrown this chair…30 years ago. I still tried though because that’s what you have to do. You have to keep trying, keep trying, don’t give up, never give up. I learned that from Yo Gabba Gabba. So that’s just what I did. I tried to sit in …

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Opening Up Play Doh Underseas Creations

Oh hey, it’s Sunday night and it’s been a long day and I’m pretty tired so I’m just going to drop off this video here. It’s me and Eliza opening up her new Play-Doh play set that Grandma got her. It’s so fun! Eliza has been playing the heck out of some Play-Doh lately and …

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Friday Night Photo Fest

Happy Friday night to you all. Here’s six photos we took tonight. That is all.

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Buy A Home Brad In Action

As cool as it is being Stay At Home Brad, I’m trying my hand at being Buy A Home Brad instead. You see, last year I got my real estate license and became a RealtorĀ® here in the great state of Colorado. I haven’t been able to get too much done in the way of …

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Like Taking A Juice Box From A Baby


Yeah, I took your juice box. What are you gonna do about it? If you didn’t want your dad taking and drinking your juice you should have kept it with you and out of my grasp. I happen to love drinking juice out of a box through a straw. I only wish they were bigger. …

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A Family Photo


We snapped a couple family pics today and this is one of ’em. This was at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, about 20 mile from South Padre Island. It was a nice place to see, lots of flowers, plants, trees, birds and other animals. They sometimes even have alligators, whoa!

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12 Months of Brad

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s 12 pics of me! Hooray, happy new year and all that. But it’s not here yet, at least in the Mountain Time Zone. You still have about half an hour to admire me and how awesome I am. Hahahaha. At least half …

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5 Selfies

5 selfies for your Christmas Eve Eve viewing pleasure. If you know me on Facebook you may have seen one of these before and I apologize for putting you through this. Are you ready for Christmas? It’s coming whether you are or aren’t so better git ready. I had to go get milk and eggs …

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My Drinking Problem

It took a lot for me to admit that I had a drinking problem. Once I did it I felt much better. I only hope my experience can be a comfort to others in my situation.

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Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving and what a better picture than us by a Christmas tree! JK, a giant turkey would have been better but I didn’t see any of them today. Whatevs, here’s a great poem I made. LoL   Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving by Stay At Home Brad Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving …

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Friday Night Father/Son Photos

Howdy folk, here it is being Friday again. Where did the week go? It seems like it was just Monday, the days slip right by like banana peels under car tires. Don’t worry, it’s only two more days till you get to go back to work. Here are some photos taken of me and Henry, …

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It’s Just Me And Henry Watching The Broncos Game Tonight

So I’m almost by myself tonight as I watch the Broncos game. The wife and loud kid are asleep and it’s just me and ol’ Henry. Henry is occupying himself playing with the toys he never gets to play with when his sister is awake, she takes them from him you see. So it’s pretty …

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Eliza, Brad, Wall

Hi, I won a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements from DadAnd.comĀ and it just came in the mail yesterday. I was so excited to try it out but I didn’t get a chance. So I had to wait for today. Here’s what I came up with as my first project. It’s not much, …

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Just A Pic Friday

You’ll most likely never see this so it doesn’t matter what I type here. This is just a pic of me and Henry and Eliza. Henry has crud all over his face as usual, he’s a messy eater. I washed it off, don’t worry. Bye Bye!

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