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Photo Challenge 3.4 | Lucky | #FMSphotoaday

Hey there folks who are sticking around for this month of taking it easy with the posting. It’s today’s Photo Challenge picture. The topic is “Lucky” and what’s more lucky than a fortune cookie? Nothing that’s what. Inside most of them are lucky numbers that if played long enough in any lottery, will be winners. …

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Photo Challenge 3.3 | Key | #fmsphotoaday

Here’s today’s photo challenge picture. The topic is “Key” and this is a key. It’s a key going in a lock. Or is it coming out? Haha. Well, it doesn’t matter which way it’s going I guess. What’s tomorrow’s photo challenge topic? It’s “Lucky.” So I’ll have to find something lucky to photograph. Do you …

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Pledge Day 2 | Photo Of The Month Club

It’s The Gift That Keeps On Giving…   What a great deal I have for you guys. So you know it’s pledge drive time here at Stay At Home Brad. It’s just like PBS over here! Last time I was asking for a straight donation to support my cause. Well tonight I have something I …

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Th(re)e Eyes Have It.

In case you were wondering what it would look like to see all of our eyes in one place at one time, here you go. I hope they’re not detailed enough so that you might copy them for use in retina scanners and fake your way into some secure location we have access to. Haha. …

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Taking It Easy, or: Three Little Pics

THREE LITTLE PICS I wasn’t feeling like writing about anything for serious today, so I am just going to post these three (3) photographs of Eliza. Did you know that I take a lot of pics of her with my Canon brand camera? You would know if you read this blog or watched this video …

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Eliza’s Shadow On A Wall, or: My Last Post

[hr] Just dropping by with this pic to say hey for today. This may be my last post ever if the predictions hold up. It’s been fun writing all these articles for you over the past year and a half or so. It’ll be a real shame that we didn’t get to know each other …

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Check Out My Etsy Shop


Hey good friends, check out my Etsy Shop! As of this posting I have 2 items for sale, but I plan to add one per day until I stop. So make sure to bookmark it. You may be able to guess that I’ll be selling my photos there, and congrats if you did. I have …

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Awesome Animal Pics From The Denver Zoo

You must see these animal pics from the Denver Zoo. Well, you don’t really have to but why wouldn’t you want to? They’re pretty good. It was real fun today. It was a free day is why Eliza and I went down there. Amanda had to work today so it was just us two today …

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A Four Pack

4 pics of Eliza. We were taking some photos yesterday and these are some of them. Eliza is pretty good at getting her picture taken. She likes it sometimes. Maybe she’ll be a model, or at least look like one. Haha, remember Barbizon? Anyways, that’s it for this post. I hope you have a great …

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Photoshoot Tonight, We All Look Good

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]i, it’s time for the Saturday evening post. Tonight I would like to present you with some photos we took tonight. Amanda took the ones of me and I the ones of her. I think they turned out pretty good. Remember that we can take really great photos of you and/or your family too. Just …

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A Self Promotion

Hi folks, as you probably know I’m quite the photographer. You can take a look back at the past posts to see for yourself if you don’t know or don’t believe me. I know it’s ironical that I don’t have a photo in a post where I talk about the great photos I take but …

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I Think Eliza Is Beautiful

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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Was A Go

  Hey there, how was your weekend? Mine was cool. We just got back from the 2012 International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a long weekend filled with hours and hours of driving to get down to see the festivities. We had to deal with some adversity and unpleasantness but we made …

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My Instagram Gallery

Hey, here’s my Instagram gallery! Some of them are pretty awesome! You can check out more of my photography at bradmanda.com. I’m available for hire or you can purchase prints from me for a great price. See ya!  

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Like My Facebook Photography Page

If you could spare several seconds of you time, could you please go to Bradmanda Art Co’s Facebook page and┬álike it. It won’t cost you anything and you will get great photos in return. I have not really done any sort of promoting it at all as you might notice from the fact that only …

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Baby Portraits And You

Today I went with Amanda down to the Auraria Campus because they were having an intern fair and her work had a booth and was trying to get some new interns. It was also Take Your Daughter To Work Day and since this was technically work, Amanda did take her daughter to work. While we …

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